Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signage has changed. And so have your customers’ expectations. They’re used to interactive now. They want surprises. So you need to intrigue them into taking notice.

Teksmart’s outdoor signage gives you the means to wow your audience with screens to suit your needs, and software that’s intuitive and easy to use. These are robust, weather-proof screens that are as interactive, responsive, and breathtaking as your customers have ever seen.

Poster Displays

On any site and in any weather, Teksmart’s Outdoor Poster Displays reach out to where your customers are. Choose from single and double sided displays to get your message across.

Freestanding Displays

Information and entertainment on hand where and when they want it. Ads and promotions that really provoke a reaction. Freestanding means free rein to catch their eye…

Interactive Displays

Interactive displays are great. But they’re even more compelling if they’re fun to use. No limits on where you can put them either; Teksmart Interactive Displays work perfectly in all weathers.

Interactive Kiosks

They’re used to accessing info-on-the-go, so your Interactive Kiosk has to beat their own mobiles and tablets for accessibility, ease and convenience. These Teksmart Kiosks will…

Large Format Displays

It isn’t just the size, it’s the fantastic picture quality... Pin-sharp in direct sunlight and designed to meet every enormous expectation, Teksmart’s Large Format Dipslays do big, beautifully.

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