Indoor Signage

Teksmart’s indoor signage has been designed to advertise and promote, inform, educate and entertain. But not in the old way…

Digital signage lets you do more. With easy-to-use software, you can conjure up exhilarating displays, edge-of-the-seat videos and speak to customers in exciting new ways. You provide the message, we provide the medium, and your audience will do the rest.

Poster Displays

Make a statement. Teksmart Poster Displays are designed to put your promotions front and centre, with all the software you need to make things really interesting.

Freestanding Displays

Teksmart’s Freestanding Displays are the stylish way to make ads and promotions come to life. They’re totally freestanding so you can put them wherever they’ll create the biggest impact.

Interactive Tablets

Smart, powerful and built for business, Teksmart Interactive Tablets are easy to fix to a wall or counter. So now you know they’re safe and secure, you can really put them to work…

Interactive Kiosks

Giving customers access to information and advice has never been easier for you, or more intuitive for them. Teksmart Interactive Kiosks make information accessible, graphical and fun.

Interactive Smart Screens

Pinch in and zoom out, come in close for another look and then scale back for the big picture. Annotate the image. The Interactive Smart Screen gives you the capability; use it.

Touch Tables

A Teksmart Touch Table is yours to imagine with… Beautifully styled and built, a dream to use and a magnet for customers, wherever you put it, however you use it.

Windows Displays

You’ve got the message, the ad or the promotion, you’ve got the perfect window space too, now here’s the final ingredient – the ultimate Window Display – bright, clear and impossible to ignore.

Magic-Mirror Displays

Now it’s a mirror, now it’s a digital signage screen, and now it’s all they want to talk about. Teksmart’s amazing mirror technology is like nothing they’ve ever seen.

Large Format Displays

LED and LCD screens on a large scale. Built big and built to your exact size requirements, these are the screens that will make you message stand tall.

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